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PIANOPIANO bags are made in Africa in the southern country of Malawi. Towards the south of Malawi lies a village called Mangochi, where a beautiful breeze blows across the lake. In this village women are mainly illiterate and find their lives limited to looking after their children.

With the guidance of an Italian artist, who was born in Malawi, education is being supplied in vocational subjects which enable the local community to gain skills. Since 1997 this project was started by Sandra Bizzaro.  The group works from the Makokola Retreat and provides essential work to help Malawian women become economically independent, they will in turn educate their children and work towards a better future for themselves and their communities.

Now 45 women and some men are involved in the process. No one is pushed into business and the work keeps a Malawian rhythm. It also respects their traditional life style and looks at ways to support this in the future. To make these products will take time but it is our belief that this is how it was intended.

“PIANO PIANO – slow life – the one who slows down arrives safe and sound”



The bags are 100% hand made, using Malawian cotton, original textile and dried out in the African sunshine.


Malawi is a very beautiful and enchanting country.  It is worth visiting this country to feel nature and the warmth of its people.


While Malawi is rated as a relatively safe country to visit it is ravaged by the affects of HIV on its people and a weak economy restricts its ability to fight this problem.


With 10% of your payment, we will support people suffering from HIV in the local communities.

Under the situation and motto, PIANOPIANO bags were made and we hope we can bring you this sense with a warm breeze.

© 2015 by PIANO PIANO

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